Insoshi Introduces an Open Source Social Networking Platform

Insoshi is an open source social networking platform pretty much like a WordPress for social networks. This is great for developers who want to start an independent social networking site. The platform was built on another open source web framework called RubyonRails which is is a full-stack framework for developing database-backed web applications optimized for the programmer to be more productive.  So if you decide to use Inoshi or develop for Insoshi, you must have some knowledge in using RubyonRails or willing to learn the framework.

This is great news for developers, organizations and individuals who are planning or have some great ideas for a social networking site. With so many out there right now, we can expect them to grow in a much faster rate. It will also be easier for existing services, websites and even blogs to go social networking now. The beauty of open source is that you can do anything you want with it and the development opportunities are endless.

Tip: There are lots of open source platforms out there for different types of sites. You can check out opensourcecms for the list.

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