Infinite YouTube Anyone?

Here is a simple service that gives you non-stop YouTube streaming. If you wished that you can just watch YouTube without hopping from video to video, InfiniTube is the right tool for you. It will keep playing YouTube videos automatically and continuously.

All you need to do is simply enter a keyword or a set of keywords in Infinitube and the engine will search YouTubes related to your search and automatically play them for you without hassle. If you’re too lazy to even enter a keyword(s), you can also choose to watch random videos by just clicking a link.

This is a neat idea and is great for heavy YouTube users. No more clicking the videos one by one. It’s also great if you want to watch related YouTube videos, just enter a keyword and it will automatically start streaming. You can easily skip to the next video if you don’t like the currently playing video in InfiniTube or go back to the previously played video. A repeat feature is also available if you happen to miss a portion of the video while it’s streaming.

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