iMedix: Your Social Health Networking Site

imedix-logo.jpgIf you think that WebMD is useful when it comes to providing health related information online, then you better check out iMedix. It is a free service that helps you find and share comprehensive health information from the top sources across the web. iMedix supports you in coping with fear and confusion regarding your medical condition. It’s like a social health networking site which helps you search for symptoms, diseases, treatments, or simply general health information.


 Get help from the iMedix community and assist each other by sharing their experiences and ranking medical content in order to make health information personal, organized and accessible to any individual. You can communicate with people who would like to discuss and share similar health experiences with you.

Just in case you haven’t heard of iMedix before, it is recently nominated and won the Best New Start-Up of 200 at the Crunchies worldwide competition. The usefulness of iMedix for people looking for health related information truly makes it worthy of the award.

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  1. My cousin, who is a nurse, has officially banned me from using WebMd. Each time I have a symptom that isn’t “normal” for me,I search the site and I end up having every disease known to man. Now I have to check out this site to see what it’s about.

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