I like totally found a “Clueless” sounding social rating site similar to Digg but geared towards products that users find innovative, exceptionally beautiful, or just weird. The topics discussed include accessories, art and design, entertainment, fashion, food, furniture, gadgets, personal care, toys and some other offbeat topics that users might find interesting.

Aside from having a totally funny name, the site and service is actually quite interesting and useful. Included with every item is a link to an online shop where it can be purchased. A snapshot image of the item is also provided along with the price. is a great site to visit if you are up for some online window shopping. It’s also pretty useful if for someone looking for a particular item but still undecided which brand to buy.

Like most social voting sites, the first page displays the most popular items/products rated by the users. Other users are of course allowed to rate, comment and discuss their point of views about a particular product they love or hate. Users are also allowed to search the site by using a price range. This will allow people to “budget” their product searches in . Totally worth a try.

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