Have Fun with your Photos by Converting them to HTML Text Art

Want another cool thing to do with your photos? Try Textify! It kinda functions like a Photo to ASCII Art converter. The difference is that you get to input which character set to use instead of taking the entire ASCII character set and stuff them all in the text art.

Another great thing about the web app is that aside from keeping most of the details, it keeps the color as well, which you can easily change to black and white by simply ticking the “black and white” box. You can also adjust the amount of characters that you want to appear on the converted text art, select a font size, choose a font family and font weight.

You can use Textify to create some sort of modern digital art out of your photos, have some fun with your friends by playing “guess who’s on the photo” after textifying. Instead of blurring the photos, simply use the app. Or, you can just Textify your photos and see what they look like just for the heck of it.


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