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talk.JPGGoogle Talk has just launched a new feature which allows your web page viewers send instant messages to your Google Talk account. It’s named Google Talk Chatback, so-called for the reason that your visitors are also given the chance to talk back to you. This is by adding a small badge on any side of your web page, blog or any personal online profile which has a direct link to your Google Talk account. This badge shows your nickname and your status message. Your random web page viewers, even without a Google Talk account, will have a direct contact with you by sending instant messages on this widget. This is web-based so your visitors don’t need to download anything to do the chatting. It is most likely similar to one of the features of the GrandCentral (posted earlier), a webcall button, which is also added to your website or blog, the only difference is the the way they are being used, an IM and an VoIP.

chatback.JPGAll you have to do is set your status message (as to Available, Busy, or Offline or a customized status message) on the official Chatback page, grab the codes and add it on your website or blog. Now, chat and be connected directly to your viewers. Happy Chatback!

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  1. In relation to this, Google also added the invisible setting (privacy feature that Yahoo! Messenger have been using for a long long time) in their Gmail chat service. There is no update for Google Talk yet about this feature.

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