GoodRec: A Twitter-Like Recommendation Voting Site

GoodRec is a place where you can get and make short online recommendations on restaurants, bars, wine, movies, books and products. The recommendations posted in GoodRec are short and often given only in three sentences or below. The community is allowed to vote on the recommendations submitted in GoodRec.

Since the service covers recommendations to bars and restaurants, features like Google Maps and photo uploads are added to give the members added information about the place that someone recommended. A link to the website is also included if available. As for other categories, you can view images which are related to the topic/review. It would have been great though if they allowed short trailer uploads under the movies category.

The rating method is not done in a straightforward like it or not voting. Users are allowed to cast an undecided vote. The search filtering system is very useful. When you decide to filter by restaurant or bar, you have an option to display recommended places which are near your location. That is assuming that you entered your true location when you registered which you can always change in your account settings.

GoodRec allows you to publish your recs to different social networking sites such as Twitter, FriendFeed and FaceBook. They also have an iPhone app which allows you to read and make recommendations on iPhones. Non iPhone users who wish to view GoodRec in their mobile phones must go to to access the site.

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