Get your Dose of Unnecessary Knowledge

Unnecessary Knowledge is a website where you can read about information about things that isn’t always useful to everybody. Some of the things that you will read in Unnecessary Knowledge are totally useless information and some are quite interesting to read and discover. It’s like a trivia site for unnecessary knowledge.

The site will not give you the knowledge that you seek but is sure is fun to discover and read about not so useful things. It also allows you to share your “Unnecessary Knowledge” to the world by submitting your own. You can easily share, rate and comment on the knowledge that interests you.

The site is very simple and a lot of fun. It’s great for killing time and learning useless things. Just click the Generate button above the Unnecessary Knowledge, in case you miss it, to start viewing. Enjoy!

9 Comments on “Get your Dose of Unnecessary Knowledge

  1. heh. I can see myself spending hours just clicking generate over and over and over and over and … thaaaaaaaanks..! 😀

    [dropping by via entrecard, btw] *lynne*

  2. @Lynne: LOL! I just spent a whole hour on Unnecessary Knowledge. 🙂

    @Chris: WOw thanks for sharing! Maybe you should submit it. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by guys and sharing your opinions.

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