Get Scheduled Installments of Books from DailyLit

DailyLit is a book reading site where you can read your favorite books through email and RSS. They are currently offering more than 700 classics and contemporary books for free reading and the rest are on Pay-Per-Read with free sample installments. You can schedule your installments on a daily basis, Mon-Wed-Fri, or on weekdays only. You can also set the time on when you want to receive the installment then choose whether you want to get it by email or RSS. You can read the installments wherever you receive email or RSS feeds including your phones.

Most of the titles that can be found in DailyLit are bestselling and award winning titles. You can easily choose a book by Author, Title and Category which they have over 80 for you to choose from. Reading an installment takes more or less 5 minutes to finish. Each book is marked with the number of installments that you are going to receive before you finish it. If you feel that you wanted more and have more time to read, you can receive additional installments immediately on demand.

Another feature of the site is the gift service. You can send books form DailyLit to friends, with installments starting on any date you choose. Each installment from the gift service comes with a personalized message written by you.

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