Get Instant Phone Text Answers for your Questions with Mosio

Have you ever had a question that’s been bugging you for quite sometime or do you need quick information about a place really quick? All you have to do is ask Mosio.

mosio_logo.jpgMosio is a community based question and answer site that lets you ask a question via mobile phone and get instant answers from real people (users of Mosio). Harnessing the power of helpful people, mobile technologies and the internet, Mosio gives users access to information anywhere. Register at Mosio and verify your email and phone number and you can start asking the members by texting your question to and you will get up to four answers. You can also help the community by answering questions being asked by other users in your spare time. You can use the site for answering questions or use your IM service. You’ll only receive messages when you are logged in to your computer and IM is on.

Another cool feature of Mosio is the find tool (Text the business name or category and the zip code to e.g. toms bakery, 90027 ) which helps you find information for almost any store, bar, restaurant or other business, whether you already know the business name or are looking for one in a certain category. Text messaging the name/category and zip code to will return with three results. Other sub-features includes taxi numbers for your city, alerts, birthday reminders, funny Chuck Norris facts (e.g. When Chuck Norris breaks the law, the law doesn’t heal) , fortune cookies, inspiring quotes and last but not least the text news alerts from different news medias.

You can also ask Mosio using Twitter and also works with Jott so you can so you can speak your questions and have answers texted back to you.

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