Get 50 Gigabytes Free Online File Storage Space

There are lots of services that offer free file storage for anyone who feels the need to keep their data online, rather than bringing an external file storage with them. It has its downside though, you have to have an internet connection to access the file you want to retrieve. Still, it is a good precaution to make just in case you experience hardware failure. I always tell people to backup their documents to their web emails, but for files much bigger than 10MB, a good and reliable online file storage service can also be recommended.

adrive.jpgADrive is a company that offers people up to 50 Gigabytes of free storage. This is by far the biggest space a free file storage service has offered. The company boasts a lot of key technology features to ensure you that your data is safe, among them are: of course a climate controlled data center with advanced cooling technologies for their servers, the most current snapshot technology is routinely scheduled to ensure that your data is protected, they also boast redundancy on all levels to ensure our backend infrastructure is completely fault-tolerant, from climate and power to software and hardware redundancy (this means that your data and their hardware and software are backed up into multiple levels). They also utilize load balancers to distribute high traffic on their site. This will balance the bandwidth to ensure good connection even if the site is highly trafficked at a given time.


The site is very user friendly with a nice and neat interface and it lets you upload up to two (2) gigabytes per file. What I like most and find interesting about this service is its ability to grab and store a remote file from a URL. Just place the URL of the file you want to save to ADrive and they will get if for you so you can save it for later. You can also add a username and password if the file URL you want to grab is inside a protected or secure site. This will come in handy if the file you want to save is uploaded in the internet for a limited time or you can use this if you are worried that the host will go down due to overloading or if you don’t want to download it in your computer right away. For whatever reason you may have for using an online storage service, this one surely beats other services.

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  1. This is good to know. It just so happens I’ve been looking into online storage as a backup to my backup.

    Like you say, it’s a good idea!

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