GeoImpress : Easily View Geo-Tagged Photos and Twitter Comments Made About Locations All Over the World

geoimpressGeoImpress is a web application that has been developed for everyone interested in a certain place all over the world. The service is powered by Google Maps, Flickr and Twitter which makes it easy to guess what it is all about and how to use it. You can view geo-tagged photos of a particular location in just a single click of your mouse. You can also view comments made on Twitter about a particular place that you are interested in.

Simply click on any part of the world map provided by Google and GeoImpress will automatically display photos taken and geo-tagged on that particular location. This is also true if you want to view Twitter comments. Just click the dropdown button and select thoughts. Selecting the Impressions option will bring you back to viewing Flickr photos of your location of choice.

This is a nifty tool for checking out different locations all over the world. It eliminates the need for you to use search engines to gather information and photos about a particular place. The Twitter updates will help you to know what’s going on at your travel destination while viewing photos taken by other people who have been there or lives there. It’s a great alternative to viewing travel websites and getting the information that you need about a particular country, city or location.

Geo Impress geo tagged photos

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