First 30 Days Gives Tips on How to Make Your Life Better

First 30 Days is a self-help site that will give you tips towards coping with changes and making your life better. The website aims to take people through the first 30 days and beyond of major and minor life changes. The life changing category tips varies from Diet and Fitness, Family, Home, Finances, Health, Technology, New Directions and Career Changes.


The service will send you one tip per day for 30 days for each change that you choose. You can pick as many as you like, and after the thirty days have passed, you will receive a newsletter of everyday change tips for as long as you like. They also have a question and answer feature that will give you more help in achieving your goal.

First 30 Days is like a DIY site for life changes. It will help people get through losing weight and living healthier, being a new dad/mom, buying a home, getting a new job, planning your retirement and much more. They even have tips for mastering your iPod, understanding your HDTV, switching to Mac, using FaceBook and Windows Vista. Maybe in the future they can also offer first 30 days tips for switching to Linux. If you can’t seem to find the change that you are looking for in their categories, they will also give you tips on making any change easier for you.

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