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DriverSide is a web service that caters both car enthusiasts, regular car owners and those who are planning to buy their first car. It’s a great place to visit if you are in the market for a brand new or used car. You can read reviews made by other car owners and check for the current market price of the car you are interested in buying. You can also browse the site for users who are selling their cars.

Owners can share their car experiences for particular makes and models that they have recently acquired or previously owned. This will give others a basic idea about a particular car that they might be interested in.

Aside from user generated information, DriverSide also provides reviews, owner’s guide and important car tips like recall alerts, service schedule and common problems. They also provide detailed specifications of cars and they have a feature called “Cost of Ownership” which tells you how much it will cost to annually register and insure your car of choice. Repair costs approximation is also given by DriverSide which will depend on your location (Zip Code) and car model. This will greatly help car owners to get a ballpark figure on how much money they may need to have to get their car serviced or fixed.

Like most startup web services, DriverSide also have a social networking feature that lets users share to the public the car(s) they own by creating a virtual garage. Share likes and dislikes as well as aftermarket upgrades installed. The social feature however only limits users to input text descriptions of their cars. Image uploads would be a big improvement in the social networking feature of DriverSide. This will let the public view the actual image of the car being described by an owner and actually see what the upgrades look like. This will also provide helpful information to potential car buyers if ever an owner decides to sell his (her) car. Since the site is still in beta, we can expect to see more improvements and added features to the service.

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