FilmSuggest: Discover Movies Based on your Favorites

filmsuggest-logoFilmSuggest is a movie recommendation site which suggests movies based on the ones that you have seen. If you’re looking for a movie which are similar to the ones that you’ve watched you can view FilmSuggest’s recommendations by rating a few movies that you have seen. If you are into alien and sci-fi movies, then you can expect highly rated recommendations similar to the movies that you have seen.

The service uses the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) to get the titles, genres, actors, directors, plots, and MPAA ratings. It uses Amazon’s database for DVD cover artwork and of course, a link to the store where you can make a purchase. The DVD / BluRay artwork may not always be present but the information about the movie such as actors and plots are available upon mouseover.

In your FilmSuggest profile, you can also add a wish list, show collection to friends (social networking feature is coming soon) and view most popular movies based on user ratings. You can prevent movies that you have already seen from appearing on the suggestions list by simply rating them and updating the suggestion list.


3 Comments on “FilmSuggest: Discover Movies Based on your Favorites

  1. i don’t know why this site is getting all the hype that it s getting. I’ve tried several times to get good recommendations, and it’s been terrible. It’s a lousy site with a lousy recommendation system. They need real “clerks” standing by all the time to suggest relevant movies, not some stupid site.

  2. @SirJorge and Sugar: I can’t disagree with you both based on your experience. I can only say that you can’t always get what you want when it comes to an automated system like this one. Their recommendations are based on your own movie rating on the ones that you’ve watched. Maybe what makes it suck is the availability of the movies on their database or you did not rate enough movies to get good recommendations. I rated several movies – the ones that I don’t like was rated poorly and the ones that I enjoyed watching was rated with five stars and it did give me “some” good movie suggestions.

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