FFWD: StumbleUpon for Online Videos

FFWD (Fast Forward), dubbed as the remote control for online videos, is a video recommendation site which syndicates online channels depending on your viewing habits. It will stream different videos which are related to the channels of your choice with just a click of the Fast Forward button. It’s like StumbleUpon for online videos. Ffwd displays videos from different sources such as YouTube, Funny or Die, New York Times, Comedy Central, Hulu and CBS.

The fast forward solution does not remake television in the image of the Internet nor vice versa, but instead reinterprets the television channel from the perspective of crowd sourcing, personalization and the social graph. The result is a personal remote control for the video web that is as simple as channel surfing but more powerful than search.

Ffwd also lets you choose which types of videos to view. You can choose to omit short clips and view only full episodes, view related shows and show ones enjoyed by fans on a particular channel. There are also recommendations for other channels that you might enjoy which you can easily add to your list. If you’re up for some video hopping, you might want to check out FFWD.

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