Evernote: Remember Everything, Access Anywhere

Evernote is a new service (still in private beta) that lets you capture information everywhere and access them anywhere. The service lets you take notes using you favorite browser, mobile phone, email and the Evernote desktop application which supports both Windows and Mac. These tools will make it easy for anyone to save content, links, audios, screenshots and snapshots.

How it works

The Web Service: Once logged in to your Evernote account, you can easily grab information from all over the internet by using their web clipper button. To install the button just head over to the settings page and click install the web clipper and look for the green “Clip to Evernote” icon. Simply drag the icon to your browser’s bookmark toolbar and you are all set. Whenever you find something in the web that interests you and would like to make a note of it, just highlight the portion of the content (including images and links) and hit the “Evernote Clipper” in your bookmark and it will be automatically transferred in to your Evernote account. Evernote will let you choose if you want to continue to your Evernote Notebook page for editing and taking more notes or if you want to save automatically and get back to the page you are browsing. This makes it convenient for the user and will cause little distraction to browsing.

The Desktop Application: This pretty much functions like the web service. The only difference is that you can use this to make notes offline and you can just drag and drop the information in to your Evernote application. You can also download the stuff you have in your online Evernote account directly to you computer by hitting the sync button. This application will also let you copy notes form another Evernote account or email and print a particular note.

The Email Service: A unique Evernote email address will be provided to each user of Evernote. You can easily forward notes to this email which will automatically save them in your account.

Tip: You can also use Jott to convert your voice into email and send them to your Evernote email account.

The Mobile Application: This is the mobile version of the desktop application which lets you send snapshots and notes from a Windows Mobile (Java and iPhone App coming soon) device into Evernote.

All Notebooks created in Evernote is always private unless you choose to make it public which can be viewed by everyone and be indexed by search engines. This feature will let you share notes with friends and anyone looking for a particular piece information through search engines. As I have mentioned before, the service is still in private beta and is available only through invites. I have 10 invitations that I can share with anyone who wants to check out the service.

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