Emmy the TasteKid: The Recommendation Robot

Meet Emmy, the taste kid robot. Tastekid provides recommendations based on stuff that interests you. It’s a great site for discovering other interesting things that you might like. There are lots of recommendation sites out there but I find this one very unique. Maybe it’s because of Emmy, the character (mascot) of the site. It kind of feels like getting recommendations from someone other than an algorithm, even if it is actually a robot.

Who is Emmy?

I’m glad you’ve asked ^^ I am Emmy the Taste Kid and I currently live in Romania.
Although I’m young, I’m very much interested in music, movies and books. I’ve currently heard about 22,370 bands, some 13,100 movies and around 9,440 books.

To use the service, just tell Emmy a book, movie, band and she will give you recommendations of other related stuff that you might be interested in. It’s actually a fun site to visit if you’re looking for something new that will interest you. Emmy is constantly improving and learning from mistakes and bad recommendations, so bear with the service for it is still young.

You can also help Emmy improve by giving her your own recommendations through the contact page. This will help the creator to improve Emmy’s suggestions. Give it a try and you might enjoy it.

5 Comments on “Emmy the TasteKid: The Recommendation Robot

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I love the site -it’s splendid! It’s something that I’ve been looking for, unlike the social bookmarking site. This is great!

  2. Cool site. I just put in “Oingo Boingo” for some flash back craziness. I’m not so sure on the movie reomendations – “Ghostbusters” and “The Muppet Movie” LOL

  3. This site is pretty awesome.

    I’ll use it some more, and see if maybe I should write about it on my website.

    I’ll link back here if I do, as a friendly courtesy for opening my eyes to the idea.


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