Ecocho: The Green Search Engine

Ecocho is an eco-friendly search engine that promises to grow up to two trees for every 1000 searches made using their site. The green search engine team claims that using Ecocho will not alter or slow down their search. It allows you to search between two search engine giants (Google and Yahoo) who have given their support to the Ecocho project.

A thousand searches on Ecocho allow us to buy enough carbon offset credits to remove 1 ton of CO2 from the atmosphere. This works out at two trees spending a year sucking CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow, which makes us very happy.

Ecocho aims to contribute seventy percent (70%) of their revenue back into carbon offset credits, for the growth of trees. The carbon credits are provided by Global Carbon Exchange (GCX) and KPMG. If you want to help Ecocho in saving the environment, be sure to make your searches using their website. You can also add the Ecocho search bar to your sites by copying the codes which can be found here.

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  2. I’d like to recommend another green search engine that is now up and running. It is uses a solid black screen with can cut power use from a regular CRT computer monitor by up to 15 watts. Renewable energy credits offset web hosting power.
    Give it a try, every little bit helps.

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