DoodleWall: Create your Own Virtual Wall

doodle-wallDoodle Wall is a community based tool that allows you to create a virtual wall where everybody can draw. There’s a social networking feature that allows users to invite friends to draw on their wall and vice versa. A simple chat widget can also be loaded from your wall that will allow you to communicate with your doodlewall friends.

The Doodle Wall is very simple and straight forward. There’s no special tool that you can choose from. It’s designed only for doodling. The only drawing tools you get are three sized free-hand pens and a color picker. There’s a clear button, a back button and a save button. That’s just about it.

You can share your doodles by embedding a small Doodle Wall counter widget to your blog. This will also allow you display the number of doodles on your wall, to invite others to draw on your wall and get more doodle friends. If you’re a fan of doodles and social networking, DoodleWall is worth a checkout.



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