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Doink is a place where you can make drawings online and create animation out of them. It can be like one of those paper animations with stick figures or a really cool animation of whatever you can think of. Doink is about having fun and exploring your creativity. Whether you just want to draw or create an animation out of those drawings.

The editor is very easy to use and will not require any expertise like Photoshop. Just click a button to test and see what it does. Once you get comfortable using it, you’ll have no problem at all making your first drawing. That first drawing is the first step for you in creating an animation. Just add another frame and you’re off. I find editing with frames very easy. Once you create a new frame, it will appear in such a way, that as if you’re like placing a translucent paper on top of your previous frame. It’s pretty much like how animators work which is very cool. This way, you can trace the drawing on the previous frame so you can easily make the next action of your animation.

Another cool feature of Doink is the collaboration feature. Aside from sharing your work with other members, you can also use their community art search tool to find drawings or animations made by others. You can then grab those creations and use them in yours.

Doink is a fun way to draw, create avatars and funny animations. The best part is that you get to create your own and share them with others.

7 Comments on “Doink: Draw Animate Share

  1. Heh this is really cool… I love drawing.. Hooked also to iSketch if anyone had heard about it..
    It can be found here:
    You guess what other people draw.. Not really related to this app but wanted to share it.. Have to check this out when some free time comes up..

  2. I can’t draw either, but the beauty of DoInk is that I can still be creative. I search on tagged props shared by the community and bring them into my composition. The editor enables me to move these props, size them, add background, etc. It becomes my own digital storyteller. Wicked fun.

  3. @Pastilan: You’re welcome. 😉

    @ShortApps: Thanks for the tip buddy. 🙂 I’ll check it out.

    @GeekStuff: You have to try it. It’s fun.

    @Aaron White: Thanks again for stopping by to comment. It’s a cool app and I’m sure that everyone will enjoy using it.

    @Karen: That’s one way to use it. You can direct your own animation by using other creations. I’ve also tried doing that and there are a cool collection of animations made by others.

    @Schizoshrink: Thanks 😉

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