DickensURL: Convert URLs to Charles Dickens’ Passages

dickensurlDickensURL is a URL converter that transforms URLs into passages from the works of Charles Dickens. This interesting new service is a great alternative to popular URL shorteners. If you’re tired of using URL shorteners and want to give some form of inspiration to the people who are going to click the short links that you’ve shared, visit the site and take it for a spin.

The service works like any other URL shorteners. The only difference is that you can choose to share a regular short URL and a long URL which contains quotes from Charles Dickens. When people clicked on the created short URL it will redirect them to a DickensURL page that contains a Charles Dickens passage and the link to the original shared page. Sharing the long URL which contains the assigned passage within the URL will bring the user straight to the original shared page.

Check out the sample URL created for Orangeinks


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