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WebMd is one of the most useful health website that I have ever stumbled into. It provides an interactive checkup, symptom checker and loads of medical information that could prove useful to you before going to your doctor. Although consulting a real doctor before taking any medication is still the best call, it wouldn’t hurt to gather rather “accurate” information about your symptoms before a visit. You can check out the site on the link below.




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  1. about 1 week ago, I began feeling what felt like a muscle strain in the front right portion of my abdomen just above the pelvis. Two days ago I ate and then about 15 minutes later produced a rather explosive stool. In the stool was bright red blood and a mucus type film in the stool. Later that Night I produced another bowel movement with even less bright red blood. THe following day, in the morning I produced another bowel moevment and had no visible blood. Today I produced a bowel movement and had bright red blood in it again. I have sense of pain in the kidney area, but its nothing I can’t deal with. MY hands and feet are always cold. I sometimes have heart palpatations. I also have a yellowish look to parts of the whites of my eyes. What do you think?

  2. Robert, yellow in the whites of your eyes show that you are most likely expirencing liver failer. You need to be checked out by your doctor IMMEDIATELY! This may be the sign of something more serious. I suggest that you stop looking online for the answer and just go straight to your doctor.

  3. It could be lead poisoning. I just finished looking at lead poisoning when I was reading up on kidney diease a few hours ago. Definitely get a hold of your doctor, because the yellowing of the eyes and/or skin means liver failure.

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