DailyMugShot: Chronicle and Share Daily Images of Yourself

dailymugshotDailyMugShot is a free service which allows you to generate a widget containing daily images of yourself. The widget can be embedded on social networking profiles or blogs. This way, you can share with your friends or keep to yourself (private) a daily collection of photos of yourself. You and your friends can play and watch the everyday change in you through your DailyMugShot widget.

To get started, you can use your webcam, digital camera or camera phone and of course, a DailyMugShot account. You can either upload photos from your digicam or camera phone, or take a photo of yourself through your webcam and post immediately on DMS. Your widget will be updated automatically whenever you post a new mugshot.

You are only allowed to one mugshot per day. Since the service is all about chronicling lives by taking a single picture a day, it’s only appropriate that a limit of only one photo a day be allowed. Have fun with your daily photos.


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