Culinary Seductions: Come on cooking guys.


Its Love Month once again and I was trying to browse and look for something interesting online when Stumbleupon gave me a page which catches my attention. They say that “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” and indeed it is. Women always try hard to please their partners, mostly through culinary arts. Cooking the best meals that would make men drool over is one of the women’s way to catch their partner’s attention.

How about changing the idea. Women aren’t born just to be stuck in the kitchen and forever do the cooking for their partners. Women will be far happier and felt loved if you guys stay in the kitchen, prepare a sumptuous meal and set a romantic table for a special date at home. Come on cooking guys, time to make your way to please your partner. Better yet, make it your courting trick if your still on the process. Here’s a website which will help you a lot do the trick. Culinary Seductions described as “the guys guide to cooking for girls” is the answer to show your talent. This is a website not just concentrating on showing the best recipes there is. What’s catching here is how they offer these recipes in the most seductive ways they can.

Recipes described as “how you can tease her taste buds” is divided into: Dishes/Courses, Difficulty (easy, not so easy, advanced, iron chef), and Moods (candied, decadent, exploding, heavenly, luscious, nutty, sassy, saucy, scrumptious, sensual, sexy, snugly, silky and wild). It offers the best ways, tips and advices on how to get the best cooking results and the most romantic meal that you can offer for your better half including the table settings, lights and music. It also includes eye catching pictures and videos which will add to the best aftereffect.

Valentines Day is coming over, early this week, prepare something special for your loved one.

“A good, home cooked meal could be the key to opening her heart, and closing the bedroom door,” says the website owner. 😉

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