Create your own Newspaper from RSS feeds

feed-journal.pngFeed Journal is a web tool that lets you generate a personalized newspaper from RSS and Atom feeds. The service is free and you can instantly generate your very own news paper in just a few clicks. The generated news paper comes in the form of a PDF file.

If you are a reader, you can customize the feeds that you want to appear in your newspaper. You can delete an existing feed and add a new feed of your choice. You can also set up the number of articles per feed that you want to appear in your generated news paper and whether you to display images or not. After setting this up, all you have to do is press the Generate Newspaper button and Feed Journal will automatically create your PDF newspaper.

Publishers, bloggers, content providers and online business sites can offer an alternative way of reading their articles and content by using Feed Journal’s publisher tool. Online newspapers can offer readers a paper version download. Blog readers can download the content of blogs and read it offline and businesses can publish newsletters with information from various departments easily in a news paper style without having to edit it which takes more work and time. All this can be done by just keying in your email address and the RSS or Atom feed address. An email will be sent to you with a link pointing to a page where you can view your generated printable PDF newspaper. A widget is also available for publishers to showcase the extra feature of their website and to provide the readers with an easy access button if they want to download your newspaper. Remember to create your newspaper first and place the PDF link into the widget creator before placing it in your site or it will display the default Feed Journal newspaper.

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