Create Your Online Signature with My Live Signature

mylivesignature.jpgI see a lot of blogs and social pages sporting an image of their signature below every post. My Live Signature makes it easy for you to create your online signature by using a scanned image or using their creation wizard. If you are going to use the creation wizard, a few simple steps are only needed to create your signature. The firs step is just to enter your name then you can choose a suitable font that will match your taste. The next steps will include choices for sizes, colors and slope. Then you’re all done.

After creating your online signature, you can choose from two ways of using them. You can generate a code for your handwritten signature or you can generate a combined code of your information with the handwritten signature over it. You can embed the generated codes to emails, websites, blogs and social sites. Check out the sample below.

Hand written signature:

Combined Signature and Information:

Best regards,


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