Convert HTM to PDF

htm2pdflogo.gifHere is another conversion tool that will convert HTM to PDF file easily and quickly (HTM2PDF). Just type in the URL of the website you want to convert to PDF then you can download the PDF file. It’s just as easy as that. This free service is a much simpler from of PDF online which converts any document to PDF (including html) and Media Convert which converts almost all media. This particular tool focuses only on converting HTM to PDF. The only thing that I noticed with this particular tool is that when it converts blogs to PDF, it is as if it took a screenshot of your blog and saved it to PDF. Not like the above mentioned PDF online which will display the posts first then the sidebar will be seen at the bottom of the PDF file. You can also choose to include flash movies to your PDF file and Make links active in the document.


You can also take a peek on what website others have recently converted using HTM2PDF. They have a gallery of converted websites if you want to check them out first before trying the service. It looks great and almost a loseless conversion if you’re counting ads. It does not convert java scripts so expect to not get most ads converted to PDF.

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