Convert Any Media Online

mediaconvert.pngMedia Convert is an online application that converts media formats from audio files, video, presentation, documents, spreadsheets, images and even archives.  You do not need to install and find a software or application (most are equipped with spyware and adware if you get them for free) for your system just to convert as specific type of media. Eee PC users might find this site very useful because of the limited storage capacity of the notebook.

The service is one hundred percent free, but comes with a file size limit of 150 MB. I know that it is not enough to convert your HD movie into avi but it does the trick for smaller video files and more importantly mp3’s to aac or wma. They even convert ring tones for cell phones.

MediaConvert can also be a handy tool for inter platform users of document editors. It will easily make your Open Office documents be readable by Microsoft Office. This is great if you are attaching documents through email to people who are not using your application. The service also have the ability to convert PDF to SWF Flash file for easy insertion to websites, export Microsoft Access to Excel Table, capture a website as an image and my personal favorite, convert  text into morse code.

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