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controlc.jpgControl C is a combination of a web- app and a social networking site that makes copying and archiving and sharing web content easier. All you have to do is install the software (which takes only a few seconds), login to the Control C program, and everything that you copy/cut will be stored in your Control C online account.

The service is so simple that makes you think about its usefulness. Simple it may be, Control C can prove to be a very useful web tool for everyone (unless you have lots of super secret documents). If bookmarking is not enough for you and you only want a portion of the article then all you have to do is highlight that portion and press away Ctrl-C. You don’t even have to open a document application to save your copied content. It’s like having an extra clipboard in your computer that lets you access all those cut and copied text. Control C can also double up as a bookmarking site, saving a URL is just a Ctrl-C away.

What is also great about the site is it is open source. It is expected to see other developers to make variations and improvements to the service.

Since Control C is not only limited to copying content on web pages and browsers (Control C works on any application e.g. Word, notepad, etc), security might be a concern for people who do a lot confidential work on their computers. In regards with the security issues, Control C’s main focus is the security of the data. The every time a copy is initiated, it will have the mark of private and will only be readable to you, the user have the option if he/she wants to show it to the public.


How many times have we copied personal information like credit card numbers and passwords to be pasted on other documents or forms? The company said that they spent almost half of the development time that went into Control C was to make sure that under no circumstance can private data ever be exposed, via SQL injections, XSS, or even someone breaking into the datacenter and stealing the servers with the data on them.

What we do is we 2 way encrypt all private data with a unique key, per user- that’s based off of their plain text password (which we do not store anywhere, only a md5) – Because we do not store this variable (and you enter it when you want to view sensitive items) even if a attacker was able to ‘hack’ a server, the data would be safe. I suppose most startups wouldn’t bother acknowledging that its possible a website can be hacked, as it would make them feel ‘amateur’ but it definitely feels important enough to put out there how we secure data.

Control C is still in private Beta and is available only by invites. If you want to check out the site, I have five invites and don’t mind sharing them with you. Just post it in the comments if you want one.

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