CodeOrgan: Play Music using a Website’s Content

CodeOrgan is unique application that converts a website’s content into music. It analyses the body content of any web page and translates that content into music. Using a complex algorithm, CodeOrgan defines the key, synthesizer, and drum patter that is most appropriate for the page content.

How it works:

The algorithm scans the page contents and removes all characters not found in the musical scale ( A to G). Then, it analyses the remaining characters to find the most commonly used note. If the note is an even number, the whole page is translated in to the Major Pentatonic Scaleof that particular note. If the note is an odd number, it becomes Minor.

The second part of the process is for CodeOrgan to define which synthesizer to use. This is based upon the total number of characters used on the web page. The algorithm chooses from a total of 10 synthesizer effects. A particular synthesizer is chosen based on the percentage of the content.

Lastly, CodeOrgan selects a drum loop based upon the Ratio of characters on the page versus the number of characters that are actually musical notes – there currently 10 different drum loops to pick from.

If you want to get more out of your favorite website aside from its content, you should try CodeOrgan. All you need to do is grab the URL of the website and paste it on CodeOrgan. Wait a few moments as the algorithm scans the site and hear it play the beat of the content.

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