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CheckOutMyInk is a social networking site for tattoo artists, tattoo lovers and for those who are planning to get their bodies inked. The service was created by a group of tattoo lovers who wanted to build a community based on tattoos without charging a fee. This is a great place for people looking for tattoo inspiration or for passers by who just wants to check out the inks on others. Tattoo artists will also be given the chance to showcase their art and gain exposure through the site.

The service offers a growing database of tattoo art neatly categorized for the user’s convenience. Some of the categories in CheckOutMyInk include traditional, Asian/Chinese, Tribal, Biomechanical, Fantasy and a lot more. Users can also search through a tag cloud based on inspiration and location of the tattoos. Registration is not required if you just want to browse the site and check out the designs, commenting and uploading photos will however require you to sign up.I browsed around the site and found some very interesting body ink showcased on the site. Check some of them below.

Spiderman Tattoo uploaded by TKNY

Biomech Tattoo uploaded by Dreadu

Face Tribal Ink Tattoo uploaded by MrSteve


If you are planning to get a tattoo, CheckOutMyInk would be a good place to start looking for inspiration and asking the experts on where to place your tattoo. It will also give you an idea on where the most and least painful part of the body to get inked. Doesn’t hurt to do a little research and get some inspiration from other artists. A tattoo is permanent and you don’t want to get a mistranslated Chinese tat on your body or one that sucks.

5 Comments on “CheckOutMyInk : Social Tattoo Sharing Site

  1. I don’t plan on ever getting a tatoo (do stretch marks count? 😉 ) but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate fine tat art like this. Not the last one, but maybe it isn’t finished yet? :::shrug::: The first one is just, to use an overused phrase, amazing.

  2. That Spiderman tattoo is amazing and creepy as hell at the same time. It’s crazy how many social networking sites have popped up all of sudden, but I could see this one even being interesting to people who don’t have any tattoo’s. Nice find!

  3. The Spiderman tattoo is my favorite. 😀

    BioTeck: Goodluck with your tattoo. 🙂

    Carol: The last one is just plain cool but damn, that’s gotta hurt.

    Pseudorant: Yeah it’s also a cool site for tattooless people like us. I don’t really plan on getting one. I just like to appreciate tat art.

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