Cantanding: Sing All You Want Online Karaoke

Cantanding is a website for Karaoke lovers. Here, you can sing your favorite song without opening a karaoke machine or going somewhere that has one. Simply open your browser and go to the Cantanding website and you can sing all you want for free.

The site collects thousands of YouTube videos of songs which contains lyrics. You can search for your favorite song and if it’s available in Cantanding’s database, then all you need to do is sing along with it. If you can’t think of a song to sing, you can choose to play a random song or choose from the most sung/last sung list on the front page.

Overall, the site is very easy to use and is easy on the eyes. I’m sure that karaoke lovers will enjoy it. Since the site is new, there may be a limited number of songs that you can choose from. It would be great if the guys at Cantanding could add a song suggestion/request page for users who are looking for particular songs.

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