Buzzillions Gives Real Product Reviews from Real Buyers

With so many paid reviews floating around the internet nowadays, there is only handful of blogs/websites that gives out true reviews about a product. Most of the reviews are paid to generate a positive outlook in a particular product thus enhancing its marketability. You can’t blame companies for doing such things because it happens all the time and it’s a part of their marketing strategy which is to create good buzz for the product that they’re selling.

buzzillions.pngBuzillions is a company that gives out product reviews and shopping tips for consumers. What is great about this website is that the review comes from real customers who actually bought the product and actually are using it. They collect thousands of reviews from actual buyers who are verified by the retailer that sold them the product. You can expect every product found in Buzzillion to have a customer review.


The website lets you easily find a good rated product using a tag cloud. This will allow help you narrow down using customer-rated pros, cons and best uses. You can use these keywords in addition to traditional category, brand and price filtering to help you find the right product.  You can also compare a particular product with other brands and easily browse what other people are saying about the other product to help you decide on which is best for your needs and budget. Another great thing about Buzzillions is that they let customers upload images along with their product review which will allow other people to see products and services in real- world situations.

This is a good place to start for online shoppers before deciding on what particular product brand he/she would buy. With tips coming from real customers you can expect to get a more trustworthy review about a product or brand.

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