Blip.Fm: A Twitter-Like Music Service

Blip.Fm is a place where you can get music delivered to you Twitter style. The service looks like twitter, acts like twitter but plays music instead of getting by-the-minute life updates from your friends.

In Blip.Fm, you can be your own DJ and broadcast the music that you enjoy through the service. You can get followers (listeners) and follow other users just like in Twitter. Users are also allowed to vote on your shared music. You can share music by using their song search tool. You can also find DJ’s with similar interests as yours by listing the songs and artists that you listen to. Adding songs to your playlist from other DJ’s blips is as easy as clicking the star button on the blip that you like.

Blip.Fm is a great place to share the songs that you love and discover new songs from other members. Check it out and blip a few songs.

4 Comments on “Blip.Fm: A Twitter-Like Music Service

  1. I love music, and lately, I’ve been trying to listen to music I most normally wouldn’t or expose myself to newer artists–this is, I think, a great tool for me to start.

    Wow, this is really a cool find, thanks for that!

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