BlindSpeak: Create Synthesized Text to Robotic Voice Messages

blind-speak-logoBlindSpeak is a service which allows you to send digitally synthesized messages to friends. You can easily do that by typing in your message and let BlindSpeak do the rest. Your message will be synthesized and converted to a very robotic sounding audio message.

A user is limited to sending up to five messages per day to prevent abuse of the service. The IP address of the sender is recorded and therefore can be banned to protect others from receiving threats and other synthesized verbal abuse. However, you can download your created message by sending it to yourself. You will receive the message in the form of an attached MP3 file or a weblink. Each message created through the BlindSpeak service has a retention rate of 30 Days, after which, the message will expire and will be inaccessible.

BlindSpeak is quite similar to iSpeech. The only difference is that BkindSpeak does not require you to sign up. On the other hand, iSpeech allows you to embed the converted message to websites which makes it more accessible to others.


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