Blerp: Share Everything and Make Comments Anywhere

blerpHow many times have you encountered an article or a page on the internet that doesn’t allow you to make comments or some form of reaction? In order to start a discussion about a website or webpage that doesn’t allow comments, they are often submitted to social networking sites where everybody can say what they want.

Blerp is a brand new social sharing site that allows you to make comments on any website, even if that website does not allow comments on their pages. You can view the shared page or website right on your Blerp desktop and make a discussion over the page itself. People can comment, react with images, add videos videos and insert widgets on any webpage. The actual webpage will, of course, not display these “blerps.” They are only viewable on Blerp.

What I like about the service is that it boxes the webpage or the website within itself. It makes it convenient for the user to either make a blerp comment or make an actual comment on the viewed page provided that commenting is allowed or available.

This interesting new social network will give users a unique discussion experience about anything you see online. With the wide range of “reaction” tools that we can use, I’m sure Blerp will attract certain social media users who want to try out something new.


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