AudioTool: A Fun Way to Make Music Online

Burn Studios AudioTool is a web application that lets you create music in the cloud. The free online tool lets you create your own electronic music by connecting several virtual music devices.

The web app is free and all you need to start making music is a browser that runs flash and, of course, an internet connection. For starters, you can use AudioTool’s built-in templates from their audio sample library. Combine them and produce sound truly your own.

AudioTool’s advantage over other audio editing tools, particularly desktop based editors, is that you don’t have to worry about system compatibility. You can use whatever operating system you own and still produce your sound. Another thing that makes AudioTool so awesome is that it’s free! Yes, no “ka-ching needed.”

Whether you are serious about making music or not, you can save money from purchasing music production software and using AudioTool instead. Plus, it’s fun to use, and their gallery of pre-made templates are good enough to make any beginner gain more interest in producing his/her own unique sound.

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