AudioBoo: iPhone Audio Blogging App

audiobooAudioBoo is an iPhone app that makes it possible to easily post audio blogs, called “boos,” from your iPhone. You can also play the “boos” posted by other members from your iPhone. Of course, there is also a web interface that allows everybody to hear the video blogs.

The web interface of the service gives you a Twitter feeling to it. Users can follow each other’s “boos.” The only thing that’s missing is the ability to reply to a particular audio post which would be very cool if the feature becomes available.

Embed codes are provided so that you can republish your AudioBoo to your blogs and social networking sites. AudioBoo can also automatically post a Facebook message when you publish a Boo. Just tell Facebook to give AudioBoo permission to do so.

This is a new way of publishing audio content online. It’s a great alternative to 140 character long micro blogging. I just wish that they’d make apps for other phones other than the iPhone. This will surely drive users to AudioBoo.


Watch the Video Tutorial

Walking through Audioboo from Mark Rock on Vimeo.

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