Archive your Text Messages Online Using TreasureMyText

treasuremytext.jpgTreasuremytext is a social networking service which focuses on sharing text messages among users. You can register for free and only will be charged if you forward a text message to Treasure My Text. The rate will depend on your country or mobile phone service provider. This site great for archiving certain text messages that are important or memorable to you if you choose to change your phone or for safekeeping your important messages in case you lose your phone.


The social feature of the site allows you to share your text messages among friends through “TextStream.” You can invite friends, family, co-workers and schoolmates to join Treasuremytext and you can follow each other’s text favorites. However, if you want to keep your saved messages private and only to yourself, you can disable the TextStream feature in your Treasuremytext account preferences or just add the “#” symbol at the beginning of your text message before forwarding it to Treasuremytext to keep that particular message from showing in your TextStream. The TextStream feature can be useful for sharing favorite text messages to friends and family who are on different locations. You can just forward the text message in your Treasuremytext account and into your TextStream without forwarding to each person iphone-archive-text-message-treasuremytext.jpgyou want to share to. This will save you some bucks in sending international text messages. Treasuremytext also lets you organize your saved text messages in folders for easy archiving.

An iPhone Treasuremytext application is also available for download. You will need a jailbroken iPhone in order to run the app and you can download it here. This will enable you to save text messages to your Treasuremytext account without forwarding the message through SMS. Just connect through wifi of EDGE and you can easily archive your text messages using the app.

Whatever your reason might be for saving or wanting to archive your text messages, Treasuremytext is a handy online tool to do that and it would be a good idea to keep a Treasuremytext number in your phonebook just in case.

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