AnyClip Collects Movie Scenes/Clips

AnyClip is a video sharing site where you get to relive your favorite movie moments. The service lets you search for and find memorable movie clips and share them with your friends. You can easily navigate through their neatly categorized collection or search for a movie title.

As of now, AnyClip only have a few dozen movies on their database. You can search through them and discover clips that are new to you or view your favorites if they already made it to AnyClip. This could prove to be a valuable resource for independent and mainstream movie makers alike, not to mention the movie fans who crave for their favorite movie scene from time to time.

Regarding content owners and compensation, we believe strongly that AnyClip solves major problems which currently exist in the market.

Our power is in indexing technology and metadata operations, which means we’ve also developed a platform for movie lovers to contribute to AnyClip via the AnyClip Data Project.

AnyClip is the place to go to find your favorite movie scenes and discover new ones, whether if it is for research or purely entertainment. Although there are numerous video sharing sites where you can watch movie clips, AnyClip provides a focused approach in collecting movie scenes. You won’t have to scour YouTube and get tons of video results that you don’t need. If you’re looking for a movie clip, chances are that you’ll easily find it in AnyClip (in the near future).

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