A Website that’s Full of Compliments to Make you Feel Better

Do you feel bad about yourself for some reason and are you desperately in need of a compliment from someone? Well, if you can’t find that someone at the moment, maybe the Emergency Compliment website can help you. You can browse for compliments that may somewhat make you feel a little better, even just for a bit. Maybe there’s something, a good thing,  in there that you may have forgotten you already have that will make you feel good about yourself. You just need to find one that complements you.

Using the website is a walk in the park. Once you open the site, you’ll be welcomed by a random complement. Just continue to click the “I Still Feel Crappy” button until you the right one for you appears. When you’re satisfied, you can either stop and continue with your life, add a compliment for others or click the” Thanks I feel Better” button. You can also order prints for the compliment(s) that you like. It comes in minimalist posters printed on different types of materials.




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