A Monster 4TH of July Lottery from Template Monster

Template Monster is an ecommerce site which produces high quality custom made templates for different web platforms. Their goal is to produce quality and affordable web design products and services. The company currently shoulders over 5000 different website template designs and produces an average figure of 150 to 200 affordable web designs per month. They design web templates for different platform and purposes, from CMS and blog templates to Ecommerce and Flash websites.

This year, they are hosting a “themed” lottery for everyone. The holiday (4th of July) Template Monster lottery will be somewhat related to the upcoming Presidential Elections in the United States. They are going to hold their own elections. The only difference is that you will not be voting for the next president of the U.S. You will be voting for the best template design that you consider to be better for America-The-Beautiful. (See image below).

The votes will be counted after the elections and the ones who voted for the winning template will have a chance to win the lottery. So you’ll have to vote wisely on this one. Choose the better template. To participate, just hand them over your name and a valid email and you can start voting. That’s all you have to do to enter the contest. The contest period started last June 26 and will end on July 9 of this year (2008).

The Prizes:

One Gift Certificate that will give you any template from the Template Monster database for free.
Two Discount Coupons for 80%.
Three 50% Discount Coupons.

There will be an overall winner of 6 in this lottery.

I addition to this, anyone who votes will receive a free Patriotic iconset (image above) from Template Monster worth 55$. So cast your votes now.

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