A Glance on Today’s Front Page with Newseum

Newseum is an interactive museum of newspapers. The site offers quite a number of awesome features for editors, journalists and readers. Newseum keeps an archive of national and international front pages that chronicle events of historical significance. They also post analysis on today’s front pages from all over. A virtual tour of the real life Newseum which will open soon in Washington is also available in the site.


The most useful and coolest part of the website is the “Today’s Front Pages” page. In this page, you can have a preview of the front pages of every newspaper in the world that makes a submission to Newseum. You can view them in list, gallery and map. The interactive map tool is my favorite among the rest. With this tool, you can mouse over a location and the preview of the front page will appear on the right side. If you want to take a closer look on the front page image, all you have to do is click on the orange dot where your cursor is pointed and a bigger image will appear in a new tab/window of your browser. The image that will be given to you is hardly readable. But fear not, just go into list view and find the newspaper/location that you want, and then you can download the readable PDF.

This is a useful site that you may want to visit first before going to the online version of your favorite newspaper(s). Newseum is also a great help to keep you informed about the latest news in the front pages of other local newspapers from other places that interests you.

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