A Bittorrent Multi Search Engine

Are you tired of switching from different torrent sites just to find the Bittorrent file that you are looking for? Sometimes you even have to open multiple torrent sites on different tabs of your browser just to see if even one of them will return the result that you need. If all this work is bothering you and want a solution for this then maybe you check out LookTorrent.

LookTorrent is a Bittorrent multi search engine where you can do your torrent searches and browsing in a single page. What it actually does is it gathers your search keyword and compares it with the other Torrent sites then it returns a list of torrent sites where your keyword made a positive match. LookTorrent is not a Bittorrent aggregator and it does not display the results in its pages. It just tells you the possible bit torrent sites you can visit to download the torrent file that you are looking for by loading the original torrent site within its page. This makes it easy for the user to switch from different torrent sites to see each respective torrent search results from within LookTorrent.

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