Wibiya Integrates Social Media to Blogs

wibiyaWibiya is a blogging tool that lets you integrate social media services to your blog in the form of a toolbar that appears on the bottom of any browser. The beta service offers a fixed set of tools (for now) such as creating a blog community via Facebook connect, Twitter alert integration, Flickr gallery viewer and some basic blogging tools such as random post browser, blog search, RSS subscription and recent post previews. More applications and features will be added through time which includes integrating widgets and applications of your choice.

Wibiya can easily be installed on different blogging platforms. WordPress users can enjoy the service by just installing a plugin. Blogger users can easily add a widget to their blogs while TypePad and other blog platform users can install Wibiya via HTML code.

The toolbar is customizable to a certain extent. You can choose different color schemes that will complement your blog theme. You can also remove applications or tools that you don’t want to appear on your Wibiya toolbar.

This is a great tool for bloggers who are looking for ways to integrate their site(s) with different social media services. It also helps avoid the cluttering of sidebars in case you want to integrate different social media sites through widgets. The toolbar is unobtrusive. It sits nicely on the bottom of the browser and visitors can easily hide it if she/he wishes to. The service also allows you to post site-wide live notifications for your readers/visitors which will nicely serve different purposes such as event announcements, contests or updates.


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