Website Age Ratings for Parents and Webmasters

website age ratings logoWebsite Age Ratings is a website/tool that automatically gives a website an age rating. The rating will be based on the content found on a website. If a site contains content that discusses some form of violence and inappropriate topics, it may display a higher age rating. It’s a way of preventing children to wander onto site that may not be suited for them.

You can use the site for an instant website check for age rating. It will tell you whether a website is appropriate for minors. It will scan the website and generate a rating based on their criteria on whether the website is safe for a certain age. Web Age Ratings also checks how a website rates on WOT (Web of Trust), an independent website rating community that gives several information about a site which includes its trustworthiness.

Webmasters can also take advantage of the tool to automatically display the age rating on their web pages. All it takes are a few easy steps in order to embed Website Age Ratings on a website. Head over to their site and tick the appropriate web platform. You can choose from Standard HTML, HTML Fav Icon, Blogger and WordPress. Make a choice if you want to add a link to the “more info” page of your site’s rating. When everything is set, just click the “Get Code” button, grab it and embed it on your site’s page(s).

Website Age Ratings is one way of showcasing the trustworthiness of a website. It can also be used by parents to find out if a website is appropriate for their kids. The service is not 100% fool proof. Some content may escape them, especially the misleading ones. That being said, it’s still a pretty nifty tool that everyone can benefit from in one way or another.

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