TumblrMap: A Sitemap Generator for Tumblr

tumblrmapTumblrMap is a sitemap generator that allows Tumblr users to enjoy the benefits of having a sitemap on their blogs.

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is the term used to describe a list of pages of a website that also act as a navigation aid by providing an overview of a site’s/blog’s content in a single page. This allows search engine crawlers/bots and users to easily find pages on a website. Site maps can improve SEO (search engine optimization) of a site by making sure that all the pages are available for search engines. Google, MSN, Yahoo and Ask support the sitemaps protocol.

What TumblrMap does

TumblrMap automatically generates a sitemap containing all the articles published on your Tumbr blog. Users will now have the ability to submit a sitemap to Google directly from TumblrMap’s interface. Once everything is set, all you need to do is take it easy and wait for Google to crawl your site. All of this can be accomplished in just a couple of minutes.

Steps to take to generate your Tumblr Sitemap

• 1. Verify your tumblr credentials

• 2. Select one of your tumblr blogs

• 3. Preview your sitemap

• 4. Put a meta tag on your tumblr blog

• 5. Get indicized!

That’s all there is to it. Now, you can enjoy more viewership/readership for your articles on Tumblr. This will surely help your Tumblr blog get more search engine traffic through your new sitemap.

*Wordpress hosted blogs has its own plugin for generating sitemaps.

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