The Google Translate Gadget

Page translation tools are great if you want to reach out to more readers, especially those who do not speak/read the language you are writing in. I have been using a language plugin for WordPress for quite some time now and I was quite happy with it. Then, I found this Google Gadget which pretty much does the same. The only difference is that it features more languages compared to the plugin that I was using.

Users may already be translating your webpage using Google Translate, but you can make it even easier by including our “Translate My Page” gadget.

You can also prevent some content from being translated if you wish to. Just head over to the Google Webmaster Central blog and get the codes. There is also the AJAX Language API that you can use to automatically translate your pages. I don’t exactly know how the API works but if your pages will automatically be translated depending on the location of your site visitor, then I would not recommend using it. The users should have the freedom to translate the content themselves. There are users on other parts of the world who may be comfortable with the language that you are using and do not wish your pages to be translated automatically to the native language of that specific location.

You can get the codes for Translate My Page Gadget here.

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  1. Should be Tagalog right? But, when I translated this page to “Filipino” there were certain words that I cannot understand. I think they were derived from other dialects as well. I think calling the language just “Tagalog” is not truly accurate

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