Stribe: Create a Social Network on Your Website in Just a Few Minutes

Stribe is a plug and play service that allows you instantly create a social network on any website or blog. Your social network can be up and running in just a few minutes. It comes in the form of a toolbar that appears on the bottom of your website.

A line of javascript code is generated for you. Just copy and paste this line into the “footer” of the template of page. Place the line of code at the end of your HTML page just before the closing BODY tag.

Using your Stribe admin module, you can customize the color of your toolbar, edit your profile, add a logo and publicize your best web pages.

Stribe allows blogs, casual gaming or even e-commerce sites to create their own social network in their sites. It deeply engages the visitors and allows social interactions after an easy 5-minute plug & play installation, which can be fully customized and freely branded.

Through Stribe, the users can interact on all sites using it, allowing members to stay connected with their tribes. This tribe becomes a visible asset. You can make the jump and head over to the Stribe to check it out and start creating your social network for your website.

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